Neuson Hydrotec

One Partner – One System – One Responsibility


We at Neuson Hydrotec are specialists because …

EVERYONE in our field of work strives to contribute their knowledge and skills to the company at a high level, to acquire a high level of qualification and to constantly develop further.


We at Neuson Hydrotec&nbsp set standards in technologies through four focuses:

  • Development
  • Optimisation
  • Standardisation
  • Continuous improvement


We at Neuson Hydrotec live leadership, because …

Leadership generates added value

This is why we as leaders

  • give our appreciation and praise to everyone in the enterprise every day
  • do justice to the needs of the company and the people in the company
  • live a sense of responsibility
  • communicate in a respectful, aggression-free manner
  • and allow new approaches

Our visions

Customers – Markets and goals

Thanks to ongoing investments and the state-of-the-art production plant in Linz, Austria, Neuson Hydrotec GmbH is one of the leading Austrian-based companies in the drive technology and contract manufacturing sector for mobile and stationary applications.

Appreciated by renowned international major customers, Neuson Hydrotec is a leading company in the field of mechatronics. Characterised by a substantial export share of our products for mobile and stationary applications we pursue our course as a modern, Austrian quality supplier.

Our clearly defined goal is to continuously improve the product and manufacturing quality in a customer-oriented manner, and to become one of the international top players.

Our mobile and stationary solutions offer:

  • Excellent drive technology
  • Fast realisation and implementation
  • Precise production and assembly
  • Expert and reliable support


Perfect composition of different technologies

Technology, Manufacturing, Research & Development


Forward-looking solutions that build on experience and reliability

Technically flawless solutions, fitness for purpose, and the ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness of our components and turnkey systems are the major focus in the design work of our experienced Neuson drive technicians.

In process-controlled projects, from the design through to precise mechanical production, to highly complex system assembly, we build on decades of proven mechatronic know-how.

With the ability to adapt to individual customer requirements and our unrivalled Austrian manufacturing quality, our technical teams develop efficient individual solutions. Successful Neuson fluid and system technology is designed using 3D software and then implemented. 


Individuality in series

Digital design solutions are implemented in our ERP system. The integration of state-of-the-art CAM/CNC production methods, and a fully automated logistics process in some areas, enable production with very short turnaround times.

R&D - Research and development

„Without investment there can be no future benefits“

In order to further expand our continuous success and the mechatronics expertise accumulated over decades, we consistently focus on research and the development of new processes and products.

We collaborate with our customers to develop technology and energy-efficient solutions which meet their needs in terms of people, machines and the environment.

Whether in the functional and cost optimisation of existing processes or in the new development of trend-setting networked technical solutions, you keep your competitive advantage with our support.

  • 1.5 million euros were invested in research and development in 2017 and 2018
  • 3 million euros were invested in CNC machinery in 2018
  • 7 million euros of investments in machinery and infrastructure have boosted the Linz site in the past 3 years

With new projects and strong partners we are moving forward into the future!

With a view to customer satisfaction, our top priority is quality


With a view to customer satisfaction, our top priority is the quality and reliability of our products and services.

In cooperation with our partners, we implement high quality requirements taking into account economic and legal aspects.

Defined processes with clear accountability assignments guarantee the best possible quality. Competent and qualified employees are at the heart of our continuous improvement program for our products and services.

We are committed to complying with all pertinent laws and regulations, as well as all internal and external guidelines.

One Partner - One System - One Responsibility


Je länger die Zeit an Erfahrung, um so weitläufiger die Kreise des Erfolges
Foundation of Neuson Hydraulik GmbH
Development of the first Neuson power units
Strategic investment in Reiter GmbH in Kleinlobming
Foundation of Neuson Ölfeldschieber GmbH
Takeover of Voest Pressenbau and foundation of Metall Press Tec GmbH
Market launch of the Neuson Track Dumper product range
Expansion of the cylinder production plant in Styria with an investment volume of € 7.3 million.
Merger of the four successful companies Neuson Hydraulik GmbH, Neuson Ölfeldschieber GmbH, Reiter GmbH and MPT GmbH to form Neuson Hydrotec GmbH with 220 employees. Shorter process paths, faster reaction times for customers and suppliers and the use of a uniform central IT system further strengthen Neuson Hydrotec's holistic market presence.
Introduction of the standardised SAP ERP system
Expansion and enlargement of the production area
Foundation of the crushing technology business field
Renovation of the production hall, implementation of LED lighting
Investment of € 1.5 million in production machinery
Abspaltung der NZ Hydraulikzylinder GmbH im Lobmingtal