Future-oriented components

That rely on experience and reliability


Gear pumps
  • Available in 50 gradations


Multiple gear pumps
  • Available in 46 gradations


Gear motors
  • Available in 30 gradations


Gear dividers

Delivery volume from 0.75 to 100 cm2/U 

“The long-life star runners”

Orbit motors

J Series

H Series (Gerotor)

T Series

W Series – (wheel hub motor design)

Engineering by the inventor of the orbital motor with star rotor principle

  • Compact design
  • Uncomplicated technology
  • Cost-effective, rugged design
  • Optionally with integrated valve functions, motor option with compact integrated parking brake

Standard series 2000, 4000, 6000, 10000, 2000-2G

Orbit motors “Disk Valve”

2000 Series

2002 Series Two Speed Version

4000 Series

6000 Series

10000 Series

  • Reliable, durable
  • Many options available such as 2 speed version, integrated valve bodies, ...
  • Unrivalled 2-speed version
  • Integrated parking brake with the most compact design in its class

Heavy duty series by EATON

Orbit motors “Rotor valve controlled” EATON “Valve in Star”

Series VIS 30-45

  • Best suited for low speeds with high torque


Vane pumps

Vane pumps medium pressure (open circuit)

Single vane pump "constant" by EATON - Vickers "open circuit"

Double vane pump „constant“ by EATON - Vickers


Single vane cell pump „variable“

open circuit

Vane motors

Vane motors 25M–50M by EATON-Vickers

  • Long-life products
  • Easy direction change
  • Low speeds up to min 100 rpm


HYDROKRAFT heavy duty series
Hydraulically or electrically adjustable
One Partner - One System - One Responsibility