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CNC contract manufacturing


Professional mechanical manufacturing services for your key components

High machining quality and special care in the mechanical manufacture of your components make us a valuable partner for you when it comes to CNC contract manufacturing. In every clock movement, every little cogwheel is decisive for the overall success. This is why Neuson Hydrotec takes full responsibility for the manufacture of individual components or pre-assembled component series.

Whether in CNC turning, CNC milling, complete machining or other manufacturing technologies, as a manufacturing company certified in line with ISO 9001, we respond to our customers' requirements in a process-optimised workflow. We deliver the quality specified in the order in the shortest time and to your complete satisfaction. Our quality, the price/performance ratio and greater flexibility ensure customer satisfaction.


Future-oriented components based on experience and reliability

Neuson Hydrotec has always relied on well-trained specialist personnel who have an excellent command of our comprehensive range of services with the necessary manufacturing know-how. Our strength as an Austrian contract manufacturer is underscored by a recent investment of millions. A modern CNC machine farm for professional contract manufacturing is available for this purpose. We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, as well as in the corresponding infrastructure. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers with best-in-class quality, a balanced price-performance ratio and greater flexibility. To match our range of products and services, dimensional protocols are also enclosed with the deliveries as documentation if so requested by the customer. We can carry out complex measuring tasks with our 3D coordinate measuring machine.


Fast and precise implementation

Our expert technical consultancy facilitates the rapid production of your complex components for new projects. CNC program engineers use NC software to convert drawing data and specifications from the customer and prepare production schedules in electronic form. They handle the preliminary programming work and define the parameters for smooth CNC production, taking into account all production-relevant data. In addition to tool selection, they also define via computer the production, setup and handling times that are so important for orders. Work schedulers put their knowledge into production planning to optimise time and economic factors. Qualified machine toolmakers and tool technicians take care of the precise adherence to specified dimensional tolerances and work on the consistent quality of your machine components.


Greater assurance in terms of supplier reliability and quality

A high level of manufacturing precision and a sophisticated quality concept are essential arguments for our long-standing customer relationships.


Top-ranking, state-of-the-art technology sets the highest production standards
With our comprehensive machinery, we are a recognised full-liner in the international CNC contract manufacturing sector. Modern machine tools by renowned manufacturers offer premium technology and safety in terms of quality for the components we manufacture.

Individuality in series
Whether complete CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, lapping, honing, welding, measuring or pre-assembly, we ensure that your ideas and designs are implemented in line with your drawings.

CNC turned parts

CNC turning

With our state-of-the-art CNC lathes, we produce complex turned stock parts up to 180 mm as well as chuck parts up to 600 mm and 4 500 mm turning lengths. Thanks to our CNC lathes, we can implement the complete machining (turning, drilling, milling) process for complex parts in a single operation.

Our equipment range includes double spindles, milling units, steady rests and tailstocks. This allows us to cover the entire range of possible turning jobs!

Manufactured in the best possible way, and with the best possible support, a win thanks top highest quality production“

Your benefits:

  • Fast and economical production
  • High-volume production capacity thanks to three-shift operation
  • High level of automation to today’s state of the art
  • Excellently qualified, skilled workers


CNC turret turning

Our vertical turning, drilling and milling centre is an all-rounder. It works with 4 NC axes and maximum dimensions of 1 200 mm diameter, 1 000 mm turning height and 1 000 mm pallet diameter. The maximum workpiece weight is 2.5 tons. The processing sequence is controlled by a host computer. The turret lathe is equipped with an integrated pallet pool for setup work parallel to machining. Twelve pallets are linked to our Scharmann machining centre. The workpiece measuring system checks the dimensions of the components against the drawings.

The advantages:

  • Ultra-modern machinery
  • A well-rehearsed team
  • Decades of experience
  • Excellent machining know-how
  • Flexible 3-shift operations


CNC reamers

We have 8 machining centres at our disposal for the production of complex components to customer drawings. The machines are all equipped with an integrated pallet pool for setup work parallel to machining.

Our flexible NC programming is computer-assisted and works with a collision monitoring system, which guarantees maximum process reliability. We offer an X-axis stroke of up to 2 000 mm, with 1 100 mm on the Y-axis and 1 000 mm on the Z-axis and a maximum workpiece weight of 2.5 tons. The pallet pools with a capacity of up to 16 pallets are partly linked with each other; the processing sequence is computer-controlled.

The benefits:

  • Hugely flexible NC programming
  • CNC milling centres with continuous pallet pools
  • Comprehensive tool changing system, with up to 150 tools per machine
  • Short set-up times thanks to upgrading of new components during machining
  • Safe machining of complex machine components thanks to computer-aided programming


CNC complete machining

On a single machine tool, turning, milling, drilling and tapping can be carried out on up to five axes in a single operation. Highest accuracy and short throughput times increase flexibility to the advantage of the customer. In the case of complex machine components in particular, we can demonstrate our competitiveness in terms of feasibility and cost efficiency with high-precision complete NC machining. Turning and milling units with up to one hundred tools in the magazine work with counter-spindles and integrated measuring systems. Productivity is our key focus. Our systems are operated exclusively in the form of multi-machine operation and in three shifts.

The benefits:

  • From the blank to the finished component in a single operation
  • Complete machining in line with today’s state of the art
  • Short setup times minimise unit costs, meaning that small batch sizes can be produced economically.
  • A small footprint reduces fixed costsQuality that is hard to beat
One Partner - One System - One Responsibility


CNC grinding

Our fast lift flat profile grinding machine has a working range of 600 x 300 x 100 mm, a creep speed and a magnetic table. 

The universal cylindrical grinding machine processes workpieces up to a grinding length of 2 000 mm and a maximum grinding diameter of 355 mm; the outermost diameter for grinding is also 355 mm.



Our single disc lapping machine works up to the maximum dimension of 950 mm.



Our vertical honing machine has a stroke of 1 400 mm with an interchangeable clamping table. It has an electric chain hoist with support arm and tools with diameters from 60 to 500 mm


Manual welding

Manual welding workstations supplement our range of services with welded joints.

In addition to our certified manufacturing expertise, we also offer our customers matching non-destructive material and weld seam testing for even greater safety.



Superfinishing means that we can manufacture workpieces with particularly fine surface roughnesses down to Ra 0.1 without any problems. Cylindrical or round components such as tubes, cylinders, piston rods or shafts can be finished up to a maximum diameter of 500 mm and a maximum workpiece length of 1 200 mm.