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Standard power units

Twelve standardized oil tank sizes can be equipped with any motor-pump combination from our Neuson modular assembly matrix, thus covering a multitude of applications. You can choose between reliable single, multiple, external or internal gear pumps or variable axial piston pumps with or without through-drive and a wide range of controller types for our powerful and energy-efficient standard units. Proportional, pressure, flow control and directional control valves can be integrated on standard bases or specific blocks in a cost-effective and space-saving way, or be quickly assembled in a sandwich arrangement. The modular system design with optional controls, accumulators and cooler kits contributes to high operational reliability and system cleanliness.

  • Sturdy steel or plastic tank designs (horizontal or vertical installation)
  • Standardised motor pump units and modular design
  • Comprehensive range of accessories (filters, pressure limits, valve plates, valves, etc.)
  • Versatile application possibilities

Reliable functionality

Small power units

Neuson’s small power units are available in up to 7 standardised container sizes and various designs in aluminium or steel. A modular principle developed over many years, the use of reliable gear pump combinations and matched components from the Neuson standard parts catalogue provide the basis for our hydraulic power unit solutions. Pumps are usually installed in the tank and form a coherent and quiet drive unit with the required electric motors (std. IP 55). High-quality components contribute to the high operational reliability and a long service life of our small power unit range. Vertical sandwich systems with directional valves are built up on functional and cost-effective CETOP single and multiple mounting plates. Clamp-in valves can be integrated in a compact and leakage-free way into special valve blocks. The power units are precisely assembled, bolted, piped and individually tested by experienced specialists on our specially equipped small power unit assembly line. With additional safety devices such as accumulators, emergency manual overrides or ATEX valves, we ensure the appropriate design.

  • Sturdy steel or aluminium containers
  • Clear-cut modular design
  • Sophisticated small unit assembly line
  • Low noise emission
  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Individual technology solutions possible

Neuson Hydrotec Commercial Products

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Compact power units

Our compact power units are based on a simple modular principle. Their modular design allows for flexible and fast assembly of the basic unit with countless combination possibilities. Neuson compact power units can be adapted or designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Used in many mobile or stationary applications, they are a test bench-tested and proven supply solution for smaller applications such as lifting platforms, press brakes, machine tools, door drives, commercial vehicles, forklifts ...

Customers benefit from the short lead times and high product quality of our mini and micro power unit solutions.

  • Sturdy steel or plastic tank designs (horizontal or vertical installation)
  • Standardised motor pump units
  • Modular design based on our modular design concept
  • Comprehensive range of accessories (filters, pressure limits, valve plates, valves, etc.)
  • Versatile application possibilities

The ability to adapt is a quality exhibited only by the best

Special power units

The performance and application options these quality products offer are virtually unlimited and optimally adapted to customer and general conditions. Our Neuson range of services also includes special frame designs with oil tank sizes of up to 25 000 l and special ATEX certifications for special power unit solutions. In addition to popular valve functions, professional servo and proportional valve technology is also used. Specially adapted cooling technology (oil-air, oil-water, plate or shell-and-tube heat exchangers) is optimised to suit the energy profile of your power unit. Depending on the requirements of the application, economical open or closed loop control circuits are implemented, with their own cycle profile and freely programmable electronics.

  • 30 years of experience in power unit construction
  • Technically perfectly designed and adapted to your requirements
  • High-quality technical components for maximum safety and a long service life
  • With mechatronic solutions for more cost-effectiveness and performance efficiency
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