Hydraulic systems

“Coordinated Fluid Power for More Productivity!”


“Coordinated Fluid Power for More Productivity!”

The flexible interaction of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics ensures the technically flawless and economically successful productivity of your system, starting from the power distribution and control stage.

From the requirement for an intelligent stand-alone solution in the steelworks sector to the complete and integrated modular system in the timber industry: We ensure perfection and best in class set-up times with regard to the long-term dynamic performance benefits for your system. The drive technology requirement profile is defined together with the customer; Neuson engineers contribute the appropriate know-how for the solution and implement it in the system component to be supplied. The scope of supply includes the steel work and mechanical engineering, hydraulics including electrics, electronics, programming and drive technology. The steel work or mechanical engineering is planned and supplied by Neuson designer engineers or provided by the customer, depending on the customer's requirements.

“Further extending our competitive advantage with reliable Neuson Hydrotec plant engineering”

At the peak of implementation in line with customer requirements, our fitters and engineers ensure the optimally controllable production flow of your system. Neuson Hydrotec intelligent partial or complete hydraulic solutions meet 100% of your requirements profile as well as internationally accepted safety requirements.

With our in-house assembly and commissioning personnel, Neuson Hydrotec is able to assemble and reliably commission systems or lines worldwide.

„Easily expandable modular groups grow to match your increasing production needs!“

A sophisticated hydraulics solution and stable performance make Neuson a specialist in central hydraulic systems. Neuson Hydrotec systems contain the application know-how and power for up to 130 oil motors and some 300 hydraulic cylinders.

Standardised assemblies and easy access critical components make our systems low-maintenance, provide the necessary overview and boost convenience when it comes to operating and maintaining your system. 

e.g. 1 module – 1 000 l/min / 120 bar continuous operating pressure/output - 220 kVA.

  • Standardised power unit systems
  • Cost-effective modular systems
  • Efficiency and an economical work approach are always in our focus
  • Hydraulic systems of up to 2 Megawatt/h which push your production to the limits of physics.
  • Rapid installation options thanks to continuous piping
  • Huge total flow rates up to 9 000 l/min possible

Speed optimised, perfect factory integration, and uncompromising functionality and reliability down to the smallest detail ensure safe part transport and special functionality.

As an all-round specialist in mechatronics, the perfect networking of sequences and functions with your sophisticated diagnostic and reliable control systems makes us an unrivalled specialist in the industry.

Neuson Hydrotec mechatronics engineers design the parameters for the electrical, electronic and programming systems so that the entire plant or the entire plant section can be controlled at the push of a button.

The plant operator can control hydraulic drive powers of up to 2 megawatts per hour and finely regulate the production flow at your plant in an extremely energy-efficient way.

The drive technology requirement profile is defined in collaboration with the customer, Neuson Hydrotec technicians contribute the required know-how for the solution and implement it in the system part to be supplied.

Drive concepts, which – thanks to mechatronics – are sensitively merged or intermeshed with a wide variety of technologies, are used on an ongoing basis.

One Partner - One System - One Responsibility