Future-oriented special machines

That rely on experience and reliability

Intelligent design in power and movement

Special machines

Whether you need a special drill mount on a crawler chassis platform, a perfect handling solution for a steel plant, an excavator rebuild, a special vehicle for a steel plant, or a special drill for a steel plant, Neuson Hydrotec implements hydraulic and mechatronic solutions for special machines and devices with excellent technical capabilities.

Special machines and equipment combine know-how and quality, which are reflected in their unique design and functionality.

Expert engineers are consistently creating innovative special solutions for a wide variety of applications which make you the winner with Neuson hydro-technology.

Wherever technical systems need to be improved ...

Wherever state-of-the-art solutions do not yet exist, our powerful Special Technology department is the right choice; it creates machines and system solutions where size plays a role, extreme loads prevail, huge amounts of power are needed and a strong standing is required for a fair price.

Our experienced mechatronic specialists at Neuson Hydrotec have everything under control and deploy electronics to put together a digital user-friendly package for your special solution.

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