Enhanced process optimisation through 3D coordinate measuring machine

In view of the component complexity and high customer demands in the Linz contract manufacturing business field, an air-conditioned measuring room was implemented and a 3D coordinate measuring machine purchased in 2012. After several technical meetings with appropriate manufacturers, the decision was made in favour of the „Zeiss“ brand.

Mr. Peter Köck and an employee from the mechanical production department spent several days during the product training course learning more about the measuring machine’s complex „Calypso“ control software. The interaction of machine and optimally coordinated software makes it possible to create measurement sequences with object-oriented programming and select features used in the design drawings. The technical capabilities range from single point measurement to scanning a contour of measuring tasks. In addition, the measurement reports can be adapted to individual requirements.

Thanks to the measurement range - X = 1 200 mm Y = 2 400 mm Z = 1 000 mm - the entire product range in the field of mechanical production is covered.

The following activities are performed:

  • Incoming goods inspections (comparative measurements)
  • Monitoring of measuring equipment
  • Monitoring of mechanical production (preventive measures)
  • Programming and measurement of components for sampling

Did you know that

  • a normal human hair has a thickness of between 0.05 and 0.07 millimetres?
  • Our 3D measuring machine achieves a measuring accuracy of 0.0019 millimetres!
  • If you divide a human hair with a thickness of 0.06 millimetres into 30 parts, one part of it is about 0.002 millimetres, which would correspond to the measurement accuracy of the machine.
  • WARNING: Please don't try this at home, because you wouldn't be able to do this anyway!
  • the optimal measuring room temperature is 20° C? The temperature is controlled by air conditioning and for this reason it is very important to only open the measuring room when necessary in order to avoid fluctuations (the temperature has a very high influence on the measuring result)

With the implementation of the 3D coordinate measuring machine we have reached the general conditions for the Champions League. And thanks to the outstanding commitment of our employees, we will reach and win the final.

Let's go for the title!
Zeiss Accura II at the Linz site