Resistance is futile — even for the hardest of materials.

Hard. Harder. Neuson Hydrotec.

Neuson Hydrotec’s processing technology competence provides the recycling industry with both robust individual components, and overall systems. This is particularly beneficial for the steel industry and the waste management companies it commissions. They have an exceptionally hard job to accomplish — in the true sense of the word: Steel slag usually contains between 3% and 17% iron. Too tough for conventional crushers. However, extracting this valuable resource from the slag and feeding it back into steel production increases production efficiency and reduces the carbon footprint of steel production. Crushing and screening are the core disciplines in this process. Sizing the equipment correctly depending on the manufacturing process is crucial for the profitability of recycling process.


As a hydraulics and mechatronics expert with competencies in heavy engineering, Neuson Hydrotec is able to develop and build innovative super-class crushing plants —such as the mobile ST01BB. Neuson Hydrotec crushers can be set up stationary or use their crawler tracks for mobility on site. Dimensioning the crusher specifically for productivity and adjusting it precisely according to the slag’s consistency will secure your edge. Durability comes naturally for these plants and machines.
The robust crushing plants for steel slag are only one part of an unequal pair. Without fitting screening technology, the task would only be halfway solved. As a couple, the two super machines unleash their full productivity and bring high profitability to your recycling.

Tough on site

The biggest challenges when recycling slag are uncrushable materials like iron and steel. Conventional crushers tend to struggle with blockages in the crushing chamber — which can result in high repair costs and several days of down time.

Hydraulic overload protection

With its hydraulic overload protection, Neuson Hydrotec’s ST01BB jaw crusher withstands enormous forces — Precondition for economical recycling of problematic materials and tasks like: Blast furnace slag Steel mill slag Electric furnace slag Stainless steel slag Reconditioning of old landfills Crushing of chrome Other difficult materials

Benefits of recovery

Recovery of valuable FE for the steelmaking process and extraction of marketable secondary raw materials.

Versatile use

Heavy-duty design enables applications such as processing steelmaking slags, landfill processing, metal recycling, hard rock industry, and demanding materials in various industries.

No monitoring

Unbreakable material passes through the crushing chamber — without interrupting the work process.

Patented system

Automatic regulation due to the patented overload system. Larger pieces of slag and iron no longer cause the toggle plate to break. No more unplanned downtimes.

Flexibility by material

Different materials need different work steps — these can be easily defined and adjusted. A special motion optimises the crushing process for clean results with a clear separation from FE nodules from the slag.

Screening technology

The patented, track-mounted MRP40300 unit enables screening of input material directly at the point of use. The screens work in 7 fractions, and can separate 4 grain sizes. 3 of the 4 grain sizes are equipped with magnetic separators. The FE lumps are cleanly separated from the residual slag. The recovered iron continues to be used in the steelmaking process, while the fractionated slag is recycled as a secondary raw material.

In the heavy-duty version, the MRP can be used wherever robustness is a main criterion. The plant is able to process slag from steel production, recycle existing slag landfills, scrap, and metal recycling, and it can be used for hard rock and other demanding materials.

Flexibility by grain size

Efficiently screen input material on site for desired grain size and magnetic properties.

Flexibility by Use

Versatile in use: pre-sorter before or after Jaw Crusher ST01BB.

The most powerful screen

The MRP40300 track-mounted screening plant from Neuson Hydrotec effortlessly masters the challenges of slag, steel and ores. Thanks to its robust design and pioneering technology, it overcomes almost any material limits.

Efficient processes

The MRP system automates the screening and separation process, and significantly reduces labour intensity. The operator keeps an overview on the precise and efficient machine processes at any moment.

Minimise downtimes

Slag, steel and ores immediately push conventional screening plants to the limits of their performance. The Neuson Hydrotec screening plant was developed to permanently withstand precisely even extreme loads. The robust design prevents breakage of the toggle plate and significantly reduces unplanned downtime, which pays off directly in higher productivity.

Variable by screening material

While conventional systems can hardly be adapted to different materials, the MRP40300 offers variable settings and workflows for optimal separation results and maximum yield.

Vibro chutes

There is hardly a conveyor belt out there that can withstand heavy sharp-edged breakage in the long run, resulting in uneconomical maintenance costs.
The better way to handle this challenge is to convey the material with vibro chutes. Powerful motors are responsible for the imbalance, and the construction of the chutes is characterised by outstanding robustness.

Crusher, screen, and conveyor chute are the three main components of Neuson Hydrotec processing technology for especially hard materials. For even higher effectiveness, crusher, screen, and conveyor chutes can be combined for specific applications and calibrated to the material properties of the crushable material. With this elegant combination, the whole plant is more productive than the sum of its parts.

What exactly is your processing target?

What materials are you dealing with??

Find out about your possibilities. Make an appointment for a demonstration now or get to know the systems in test operation.

Neuson Hydrotec super class crushers and screens give you top performance in slag, steel, and ore recycling, sorting, and magnetic separation. They overcome material limitations and maximise the recovery of valuable raw materials as well as profitable secondary raw materials. Neuson Hydrotec — crushing and screening technology for your competitive edge!

Neuson Hydrotec super class crushers and screens give you top performance in slag, steel, and ore recycling, sorting, and magnetic separation. They overcome material limitations and maximise the recovery of valuable raw materials as well as profitable secondary raw materials. Neuson Hydrotec — crushing and screening technology for your competitive edge!

Leading by clear processes.

Leading by clear processes.

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